Q: Which other illustrators do you admire?

I love the work of many other artists and illustrators including; Tony Ross, Tim Archbold, David Roberts, Simon James, Michael Remphrey, Mike Gordon, Emma Dodd, Adrian Johnson, Tomi Ungerer (who drew the original illustrations for 'Flat Stanley'), Simone Lia, Tom Gauld, William Steig, Edward Gorey, Richard Scarry, Ronald Searle and of course, Quentin Blake!

Q: How do you tend to work?

I always start by scribbling ideas in my sketchbook or filling up blank sheets of paper with doodles. I tend to work on animation paper and still use my trusty pegbar and blue pencils - the same as when I'm animating. I scan my hand-drawn work into my computer and like to work with Photoshop (or occasionally Illustrator, though I far prefer the quality of a hand-drawn line).

For animation projects I have my own line-test setup and enjoy working with Boinx iStopmotion and ToonBoom's Animate.

Q: What is your favourite children's book?

It's a difficult one but I think it would have to be 'Flat Stanley' written in 1964 by Jeff Brown and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer. It's recently been relaunched/rebranded with new artwork by both Scott Nash (for the UK market) and Macky Pamintuan (in the US), but I just love the original drawings. The whole book has a real charm and I love that name - Stanley Lambchop!

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